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Chances are that you have heard of Snap Chat, not least because of what you can use it for.It is becoming ever popular as a way to share images quickly and privately, with the added bonus that they don't hang around.Snap Chat gained popularity because of the temporary nature of the images sent.Images are captured and then sent immediately, to select Snap Chat compatriots, with a self destruct timer built in.With over 80 million users, Kik is another app that can't be ignored.

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Since the merge with Microsoft, the Redmond based firm is pushing to connect any existing Skype accounts to your Windows account.Image editing is also possible, but only to a narrow degree. Clipchat works on a very similar basis, though shows a pixellated preview of the image to receivers, so they have a rough idea of what they're opening.A small level of text can be added, and images can be sketched over, so you can show your friends what you look like with a bright red cartoon afro. You can also create and send different memes from within Kik, or "Photobomb" your friends.The latter is Kik's answer to Snap Chat, which we will cover later.

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